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Chance Trahan

Hi, I'm Chance Trahan. I like to draw, play guitar, sing, collect guns, he even collects swords, goes camping, hunting, fishing and anything else outdoors!

Chance Trahan is a US music producer and web designer living in Tempe, Arizona. Chance likes to sing and produce music in his spare time.


Chance Trahan of Tempe, Arizona is a professional electronic alternative music producer. Chance plays any instrument, but favors the guitar and loves arranging the many orchestral instruments. After many years of playing with local bands, Chance found himself managing a local band in Las Vegas, a sold out show at GameWorks that the band was the headliner for and even beat the competition at a local Battle Of The Bands. The band Trahan managed split up due to creative differences and Chance started writing his own music instead of getting involved in the 50/50 band member split. After relocating to his home town of Jennings, Louisiana, Chance eventually joined a melodic death metal band as the lead singer. The band gained attention from locals, recorded home made tape-recordings, but then the band split due to familial purposes. Now, Chance is living happily in Tempe building websites, designing graphics, developing applications, recording music and repairing androids and computers remotely.


Chance is a fun-loving character, who is easy going, laid back but keeps a sense of humor. He is not afraid to speak his mind and is someone who is confident in everything he does. Raised in Houston, Trahan has not strayed far from his Cajun roots and enjoys cooking spicey down home meals for his family and friends. Cooking is just one of Trahan's passions, Chance also likes to play video games and learning new things. He likes to accept the challenge of overcoming his fears and stretching out into new territory.

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Personal Interests

Watching TV, playing guitar, playing video games like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. Driving around town exploring, visiting local parks, hiking, ninjas, watching comedy movies, taking my family outdoors, going to the beach, Ronald McDonald House Charity, Cooking, Simpsons, Seth McFarlane, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Mortal Kombat, Fable, and Wolverine.


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Personal Information

Producer Chance Trahan is a guru of computer and information technology. He received his education from a decade of self-taught skill building and extensive online research. Chance took it upon himself to delve into technical training and eventually earned spots as the supervising computer technician and lead designer for the company Hey Great Website and also became the website and app developer for the metal band Chimaira. After his ten-year self-education as a computer technician and web-guru, Trahan decided it was time for a change of environment and started studying to develop mobile apps for android and other devices on his own and learned how to rather quickly.

Chance Trahan's apps were soon hosted on Google Play, where he was offered positions for other companies as a developer. In addition to the offers, Trahan was hired by Sean Zatorsky and Mark Hunter to create the official Chimaira music app and also to completely revamp their site design.

Chance has learned to record music from friends and colleagues and likes to pay it forward by teaching others how to do the same. Chance was also made famous by his instrumental music made from home. Trahan was approached by a radio station in Brazil that had played his music and was told the phone lines were blowing up with requests for more and that the DJ had never seen his fans react this way before.

Trahan is a regular contributor to The Ronald McDonald House and an enthusiastic New Orleans Saints fan. He recently collaborated on a story about his helping to capture the notorious "KYAnonymous" hacker that was wanted by the FBI for a couple of years, at least. The book isn't even completed and already has others waiting with "baited breath" for it's release. This is a book that's literally going to be hot off the presses. The book is titled The Truth About Revenge, in which he presents research compiled over his last decade of conducting internet business.

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Chance Trahan's Background

Chance Trahan's Experience

Server at Paradise Bakery & Café

January 2010 - January 2010

Cook at Sonic Drive-In

January 2000 - January 2010

Porter at Burger King

January 2009 - January 2009

Hookah Specialist at Almaza Hooka Lounge Restaurant

January 2007 - January 2009

Delivery Driver at ABC Delivery

January 2000 - January 2002

Bartender at Blue Note Bistro

January 1997 - January 1999

Android Developer at Sparky Droid

August 2010

Theme and app developer at Hey, Great Website

January 2010

Composer at Sutakira Studios

January 2003

Chance Trahan's Education

Real Estate School of Nevada

Concentration: Real Estate Law, Land Parcel, Real Estate

Dahan Institute of Massage Studies

Concentration: Shiatsu, Busniess Studies, Therapeutic Modalities


William J. Palmer High School

Chance Trahan's Interests & Activities

Kataishin is a musical producer named Chance Trahan that favors creating music that he would personally listen to himself and would have it no other way. “I am my biggest fan and I am okay with that. You kind of have to be in order to make it all the best it can be.” Chance Trahan is currently the only member of Kataishin and manages everything with the help of several local supporters. “Chance is my best friend. We’ve been building all this stuff since 2003. I continue to support him because his music is good! Together we even caught Kentucky's most notorious internet criminals.” -Craig Brittain What do you want me to say? I am Chance Trahan. I have a loving home I raise my children in and a loving family to help raise them too! My children couldn't possibly have a better home life! I am someone who will do anything to defend my family and especially my children, and try as you may but you will never convince me that I am not the gentleman I was raised to be. I pride the fact that I am an individual who was personally trained to be a Navy Seal, I took the very best of every knowledgeable field and blended it into my own designs. My life consists of family, love and peace. My interests are: Hiking, Listening to Only The Best Music, Owning Photoshop, Shredding Guitars, Killer Cooking, Ultra Fast Cars, Mercing on Call Of Duty, Killing on Mortal Kombat, Still Drawing, Engaging in Good, Clean and Always Fun Online Activities like Web Development and Brand Crafting, Courtroom Antics, Driving ALLLL Around to places you would COWER to, * Hell's Kitchen ( MY FAVORITES THANK YOU GORDON RAMSAY ) Kitchen Nightmares * Hotel Hell, Deadliest Catch ( TOO COLD FOR YOU! HOW COLD? ICEBERG COLD! ), How I met Your Mother(And How She loved it), American Pie Series(UltraMeccaLOLS), *Sasha Cohen*, ALL Austin Powers, Business Management, Graphics Design, Going to the Mall, You think you know but... You Don't Know Jack!, KILLER Card Games like Cards Against Humanity!!!!!!!

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